Building dm-core from source

13 Jan 2009

In the current gem version of dm-types 0.9.9 the YAML uses primitive “String” with a size of 65535. This is an issue when using mySQL and utf-8. The issue was fixed by Tony Mann (here).

So until this 0.9.10 version is released my deployments will need to build dm-types from source. dm-types 0.9.10 requires dm-core 0.9.10 so that needs to be built from source as well.

Here is how to install from the latest source on github:

~/ $ gem install rspec bcrypt-ruby json hoe --no-rdoc --no-ri
~/ $ mkdir sources
~/ $ cd sources
~/sources $ git clone git://
~/sources $ git clone git://
~/sources $ cd dm-core
~/sources/dm-core $ rake package && rake install
~/sources/dm-core $ cd ../dm-more/dm-types
~/sources/dm-core/dm-types $ rake package && rake install

I tried freezing the gems into my rails app a few weeks ago but I didn’t have good success.