SlideShowPro Director Ruby API Wrapper

07 Feb 2011

I just released a ruby api wrapper for SlideShowPro Director. The gem is called SlideShowPro.

Just install:

  $ gem install slideshowpro

And use

  ssp ='','your-api-key')
  # Get a gallery:
  albums = ssp.get_gallery(gallery_id, :preview=>{:size => '123x35',:crop => 1, :quality => 90})
  albums.each do |album|
    puts album['name'] 
    puts album['id']
  # Get an album:
  album = ssp.get_album(album_id, {:large=>{:size => '225x350', :crop => 0, :quality => 95, :sharpening => 0}})
    album.each do |image|
      puts image["large"]["url"]
      puts image["thumb"]["url"]
      puts image["thumb"]["width"]
      puts image["thumb"]["height"]

If you are building something in ruby which uses SlideShowPro Director in the back end then this gem is for you.