Brinkster: Get A Clue!

26 Mar 2010

A client registered his domain with Brinkster (who resells godaddy). I had the displeasure of trying to configure the DNS Settings.

I tried adding in our name servers but there wasn't really any feedback so I thought I'd try a shortcut and try adding in host records for now. I clicked the link "reset my domain to use brinkster name servers". But absolutely nothing observable happened.

I launched live help and after several minutes "Steve" came online:

Steven: Hello! Thank you for contacting Brinkster. In order to help you as quickly and efficiently as possible, please provide your Brinkster user name and the password for account verification purposes.
me: myusername
me: don't most companies have a policy of NOT asking for password?
me: I don't want you to know my password
me: I'm logged into the site already
me: I'm unable to reset my domain to use Brinkster Name Servers, I click the link and nothing happens
Steven: What are you trying to do?
me: I'm trying to reset my domain to use brinkster name servers for domain-x.tld
Steven: domain-x.tld is already pointed to brinksters name servers
me: is there a way for me to see that? Can I add host records?
Steven: I can add them for you.
me: if i put in nameservers how would I know that they are changed?
Steven: It can take at least 72 hours for updates to be seen
me: ok, i'll take care of it

-- end of transcript --

I'm pretty sure the only way to tell which name servers are being used is by using whois. Sigh.