Mount EBS Volume

15 Oct 2009

I use RightScale to manage my EC2 environment. I recently was unable to create a bundle of one of my servers and discovered the problem was I was running out of disk space. I was using 2.7GB of 10GB but the bundle image would use up the rest of the disk and fail. How can you get more space? Elastic Block Storage (ESB).

Step 1: Create & Attach ESB

In RightScale click “Clouds” then Navigate to AWS US → EBS Volumes – New. Fill out the form (I needed 10GB – it will also be easier to follow along here if you choose /dev/sdm). Navigate to the volume you created and click the “Attach” button. This will allow you to choose a server.

Step 2: Format & Mount

Follow steps here: how format and mount ebs volume. Except mount to /mnt instead of /data. If you do mount to data you can also mount to /mnt without issue: mount /dev/sdm /mnt

Step 3: Create Bundle

Navigate to your server in RightScale and click the bundle button. It should work now. You can monitor your disk space on your server using the “df -h” command.