OS X Snow Leopard Enhancement

23 Sep 2009

I recently upgraded to Snow Leopard and its great but day to day use is not very different from Leopard. Today I stumbled on an enhancement that made me giddy.

Snow Leopard Color Picker

I use the DigitalColor Meter to pull colors out of images to use in css styleheets. Open it up, cursor over the color you want, Command+Shift+C to get it on your clip board, and Command+V to paste it into your stylesheet. It works fine but it pastes the colors in quotes with spaces (e.g. "#00 C3 01 "). So you have to delete the dumb quotes and spaces. (Sure, I dislike them but they are really called ‘dumb quotes’)

I pasted a color today and reached for the delete key when I noticed the hex had been pasted without spaces and quotes. #0490D4 – Did that really just happen? I tried again and YES!

Could a human really get giddy over such a small change? Yes.

In somewhat related Snow Leopard and color trivia I changed my background color here from #212121 to #373737 to compensate for the default gamma change.