Jobless Apple: Take 2

20 Jan 2009

I don’t know Steve Jobs. I don’t know how sick he may be but let’s look at the worst case scenario for Apple investors: Steve Jobs is unable to return to Apple computers.

I think the common reasoning goes something like this:


  1. Jobs started Apple and it kind of changed the world
  2. Jobs wasn’t at Apple and it almost died.
  3. Jobs came back and it’s been amazing.

Conclusion: Apple without Steve Jobs sucks.

I submit that if Jobs were not healthy enough to return to Apple would be very different than what transpired before. In 1986 Jobs was ousted. The company leadership didn’t agree with him and so they got rid of him. If Jobs were unable to return Apple would try to continue with his vision.

Disclosure: I own some AAPL and I have no idea what will happen to share prices or the global economy. :)